Last update: 29-9-2019 make sure to download the newest full installation version for Windows. For the (mobile)browser, make sure to clear website data to make sure you are using the latest files.

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If you are having fun with this game, please make a small paypal donation to support Crypchania.

Open Crypchania in your WEB BROWSER (using chrome / Firefox / brave). Also works on most mobile (tab) devices.

Download the full setup for Windows OS. Make sure to download the latest updated game.exe (29-9-2019). And replace it at your installation folder.

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Enjoy a fresh old chool 2D, multiplayer RPG with an active turnbased battle system.

You are send on a quest to deliver a package to the other side of the world. As you travel you meet people, monsters and bandits. Walking from town to town, dungeon to dungeon and even castles, caves and forests discovering the dark secrets Crypchania has to offer.

Most quests are created with alot of emtions and a large wink to other games of the genre.

CrypChania contains more then 40 hours of gameplay and is growing fast, with new quests that are added  every month.

Squares (Coming soon),

Because Squares are tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, they can be traded on the exchange for other value tokens like bitcoin or Ethereum. This way players can earn money or use the Square they have for in game purchases. When the SQUARES are integrated into the game we will have a ICO to develop the support for SQUARES to other games and platforms.


The game has some small coöp elements and challenges where players can battle each other to see who is the fastest, strongest or smartest. The winners receiv a trophy and endless fame. So be sure to invite your friends, when you take on this challenge.

Sponsers (coming soon)

To host a major game like this will need descent amount of resources. As crypchania is free to play, we are in need of sponsors. The first thing I will offer are small paintings on the wall with a chest in front of them, so players do take notice of the add and will be following a link to the page before they get the goodies inside the chest. Later we will allow the option to for sponsor to have their own items and quests for players the use and follow.

Vip Accounts (coming soon)

Players can become vip when they donate with the paypal button. Your donation will be used for maintaining the website as wel for hosting the crypchania backbone severs. With a vip account you have the ability to wear special armor besides the normal light armor / helmet / weapons / shields / neckless / ring and face.

Scotties Beam

Use this device to enter a six numbered code and receive some additional items and freebees.
The Scottie beam was original created for developing purposes. But we leaved it in for players to cheat and recovery when something isnt supposed to go the way it should. Although we really don’t like cheaters that alter the game code for their benefits. The use of the scottiebeam is for everyone to explorer.

Free to play

We from Crypchania wish you much fun with the game as it is for everyone free to play by browsers (desktop and mobile) and windows desktop application. As you may have notice above, there are a few options to allow Crypchania to be free. We don’t have endless resources for hosting such a large game. Therefor the donations are more then welcome. But we understand that not everyone is willing to donate, that’s why we also hope to have some sponsors on board. We are working hard to be discrete about the sources of income. So quests may be sponsored without you, the player, noticing it.

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