Play crypchania

Open Crypchania in your WEB BROWSER (using chrome / Firefox / brave). Also works on most mobile (tab) devices.

Download for mobile: Android / IOS (under development)

Download for windows / mac (under development)

Download for linux (under development)


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Crypchania is free to play and we like to keep it that way. If you are having fun with this game, please make a small donation.


A 2D, MMORPG with a turned based battle system created by Martin Bauer for Squareware. The whole game is based on blockchain technologie erc20 and erc223, html5 canvas and Node.js. Players has there own wallet as an assetsholder for items, stats and SQUARES (the currencie of the game).

The main story is to deliver a package to the other side of the world. As you travel you meet people, monsters and bandits. Walking from town to town, dungeon to dungeon and even castles.  People wil ask you for help, or send you on a quest. Most quests are created with a little bit of humor and a large wink to other games of the genre. The game contains on the moment of writing, for over 10 hours of gameplay and is growing fast, with everyday simple created quest  and more difficult quests every week to create and design. This way I hold the flow of creating and merging quests and stories trough one another.

Squares (Coming soon),

Because Squares are tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, they can be trades on the exchange for other values. This way players can earn money or use the Square they have to proceed the game.


The game has some small PVP elements, where players can batlle each other to see who is the fastest on the map. The winner receives a certificate that is needed on some missions. So be sure to invite your friends, when you take on this adventure.


Use the mirrors to select a different character. However, the stats are not changed, it’s just apperence. Mirrors are found anywhere in the world of crypchania. Be sure to try them all out.

Scotties Beam

Use this device to ask scottie to beam you to somewhere else. This way you can skip the whole demo and begin with your adventure right away. However you could mis some of the fun tough…
After finnishing a main quest, you mostly receive a code to use it with the scotties Beam. This way you can revisit the place from time to time, for faster backtracking.