Is the game free to play?
Yes the game is free to play on all platforms. However the free play is limited for the use of (special) weapons and armor, other then that there are no limitations. The game will be hosted and maintained through mostly donations. If the Donations are not sufficient we would consider lobying for sponsored partnerships in the form of an add inside the game.

How much hours of joy does this game provide?
About 15 to 20 hours for the main story line.
With the side quests it’s about 50 hours.
Besides that there are pvp quests you only can do with another online player.

The game is made ready for sponsorships to display adds on occasionally.
However we will reserve the right not to allow any sponsor when we do think
it is not comprehended as it won’t fit the game. If you are willing to sponsor Crypchania you are always free to contact us.

Who do I have to create an account?
The accouns information is used for login into the game and see and interact with players (chat). It also contains your progression and gamedata.

Are you going to spam me when I provide my email?
No we will not, as a matter of fact you can provide anything you want as an
email. The mail you provide will be used for sending you information about

I have a serial number in my email?
Your welcome, you can use the serial number to activate a VIP account. In your inventory under books there is a book called: “The licence book” use it to enter the serial number to become a VIP account.

Is there adult content in the game?
Yes there is. The option is set to off by default. Although as an adult player you can switch the content on through the options menu – visuals and it will be noticed after the tutorial is completed. leaving it off won’t affect the main story line. However it will exclude you for anticipating on some side quests, nude content will be blurred and gambling is also not allowed. Keep in mind that there are bottles for display purposes in the pubs, these are not editable through this option, because they are just bottles…