Is the game free to play?
Yes the game is free to play on all platforms. It is free to a certain point of the story. This point is reached by most players in about 10 to 15 hours. So you get a Good feeling about the game. When you think it is worth it you can pay for a license for your account so you can continue your journey as a VIP-Courier.

Where do I buy this game?
You can’t realy buy this game you pay for a license stored on the server.
Follow the instructions after you have downloaded the file “game.exe’ that needs to be replaced with the current game.exe, if you choose not to and play further in a browser, you receive a license number in your mailbox (mostly in a couple of days.)

How much hours of joy does this game provide?
About 15 to 20 hours for the main story line.
then 15 hours + as a VIP courier.
With the side quests it’s about 50 hours more.
Besides that there are pvp quests you can do only with another online player.

Does the game contain add’s?
The game is made ready for sponsorships to display adds  occasionally.
However we will reserve the right not to allow sponsor when we do think
it is not comprehended as it won’t fit the game. If you are willing to sponsor Crypchania in any manner please read here about sponsorship.

Why do I have to create an account?
The accounts information is used for login into the game to see and interact with players (chat and pvp). It also for accessing your progression and game data on the blockchain as well as the license key for a VIP accounts.

Are you going to spam me when I provide my email?
No we will not, as a matter of fact you can provide anything you want as an
email. However the mail you provide will be used for sending you information about Crypchania and also  verifying your account when you have acces to a VIP account. It is also easier to correspond about your account when you have provided an email.

I have a license key in my email?
You can use the serial number to activate a VIP account. In your inventory under paper there is a book called: “The license book” use it to enter the serial number to become a VIP account.
Also if you pay fora VIP account. You can activate the license by talking to MIA at one of the Inns. She will give you the license key (learn more).

Is there adult content in the game?
Yes there is but not overloaded. The option is also set to off by default. Although as an adult player you can switch the content on through the options menu – visuals and it will also be pointed out by Eveey after the tutorial is completed.
Leaving it off won’t affect the main story line. However it will exclude you for anticipating  some side quests, nude content will be blurred or removed and gambling is not allowed. Keep in mind that there are bottles for display purposes in the pubs, these are not editable through this option, because they are well just bottles…

I got a disconnection message, what do i need to do?
Whoops, that sometimes happens. This maybe because the servers are down (sorry for that) and sometimes its a connection issue on your side. Try to connect to the internet again or wait a few minutes. When the connection is restored. You are able to play further. Also make sure not to refresh or leave the maps so hopefully you won’t loose any progress.

When can I except any updates from this project?
Anytime soon, Don’t account me for it by I try to release every quarter a update with new quests, visuals, story progression, bug fixes etc. I’m working on the game on a regular basis and any feedback, idea, and bugs are happily received by me to adjust and create. Just Contact me.

I noticed an update what now?
Clear the webbrowser data if you play the browser version.
For the windows;
If it is a minor update you can download game.exe from the frontpage and overwrite the current one in your crypchania installation folder with the new one. If you are not sure how to do this, just install the latest setup, and you are also good to go.
When you have a VIP Courier License make sure that your account is already a VIP Courier and the game is saved before updating or use the license key that you have received in your email.
All mayor updates contains a new setup file for you to install Crypchania. These contains mostly new images, sounds and musix and are increased in size then the last one.

Do you offer money back when not satisfied?
No we do not. Because players have the ability to play 40% of the game for free. So after that players who want to become a VIP-Courier should be determined enough. However we do offer support for the VIP-Courier players when needed.

What do you accept for payment?
Creditcard, paypal, Ideal