29-9-2019 update

One big update coming up!

The windows version is released. Because I think it is time that Crypchania is out of beta and going full throttle. The setup is available for download at the front page (http://crypchania.com/setup.exe) and works on most Windows platforms (fully tested it myself on windows 7)  Any bugs with windows 10 or other Windows OS releases, just let me know. Also when there are small updates like map changes and typo’s the game is updated fully by replacing the game.exe (also downloaded on the front page http://crypchania.com/game.exe). Both are updated to the latest version since today 29-9-2019.

I started on a small press kit page and a Questions and Answers page (I’m working on it).
keep a notice to the press kit page, there is a link to an unofficial walk though, created by some beta testers. I’m allowed to release it here for all of you who want to get everything at the game.

So again, I hope you enjoy the game. And have fun!



Hey guys here is a small update. I hope you still remember hostes Tania from the pitfights!? Well she just had a brand new idea about a contest which will get you “hooked”right on.
At the dragon area when you are around level 35, Tania will be hold a fishing contest called: The luna tuna fishing contesta fiesta, which you can join for a small fee. Although it’s all about skill and patience, the winner that catches the biggest fish wins a diner for two.
When entering, Tania hooks you right up with a special ROD and HOOK. This rod is special designed to rail the Tuna’s in. Other rods and hooks won’t work on them, but you can try.

So hopefully you win the price: a diner for two!
But I don’t know, that price smells fishy to me…


28-8-2019 Update

This must be the last update for august. Just till three day’s left and time flies as always. Meaning it is almost a year ago since I got the beta version in public. Which also means that it’s about two years before I figured out how to create a sprite, a map and added some controls to walk it around. Thanks to other developers there are complete libraries for this kind of need.

As for where are we standing: well I haven’t made any progress with the blockchain yet. Implementing a ERC20 token inside a game is… ‘Not easy’.
But then again, thanks to other developers there are libraries and complete kits to just create an ICO, a webpage with a wallet etc. There are even some complete node packages ready for deployment. But it’s not my ambition to create the first game on a blockchain, because, I wouldn’t be the first anymore. There are a few game releases already, but most of them are just tekst based browser games. Nothing more like what I’m creating. So maybe I’l be the first in the end. I haven’t any ambition at the moment to going onchain asap ,for two reasons. The first reason is it is very hard to get players to play the game, without proper advertising. And two it is even harder to create a proper ICO with enough support to get the into a serious software company.
The lack of a good team of programmers, communicators, that is needed for creating such a ICO a good start. Without a team behind it there is no trust in this platform yet.

I hope to get some feedback from the people in the blockchain corner when I’m having a interview with Laurence Fishburne for the Information Matrix, which has a topic about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain at september. The series airs on CNBC, CNN, Fox Business Network as well as other major networks. It’s nothing more then a conference call but holy shiny stars, this is Morpheus from the Matrix that I’m going to speak with about setting up a blockchain and such.

For creating a blockchain is pretty easy:

data – date – hash.
The data is inputted into a block, with a date and a timestamp the hash for the first block could be zero and is called the genesis block.
This information is then hashed with an algorithm / cypher / encryption or anything that gets a NOT unqiue outcome depending in what you are hashing.

Then the hash outcome needs to be calculated till you have a certain outcome. Like for example the last character of the hash needs to be a ‘Z” depending on the algorithm you are using afcourse.

So the algorithm is starting to hash the data and the date which changes from time to time, getting a different outcome of the hash. Once the hash meets the requirement the 1st block is formed and the next block is getting created with the data, the date and time, and this time the hash from the previous block is also inside the new to be created block. Then hashing until it meets the requirements again and second block is created and so on, creating a chain of blocks. Hence the name blockchain comes from.

If any previous block is been edited the chain breaks, because the hash is different for the next hash in the block. That’s why the bloickchain is very secure into keeping data being altered afterwards.

So back to the things I realy like,  is just creating stories ans animations  around characters. And yes I have added another five quests to the portefolio. From sad to happy and rediculousness to a certain wow factor. It all happens in the world of Crypchania.


3-8-2019 Update

Here is another update from me. It’s been a while as always so I just want to write out to you how it is going. The game is running fine most of the part. As it seems my own PC / SERVER Connection can’t always keep up with the logged in users that are connected to it. So I think we are still in BETA?And I Should fix up a server from a hoster, which is still pretty expensive because the donations are not keeping up with the actual costs of maintaining.

I Have removed the windows installation file from the website because there are some bugs in it and It won’t allow me as a developer to update it every time there is a minor bug fixed. now I Just upload it to the node server and poof, the changes are there for the player to experience.

So Martin, do you have some happy news before summer starts?

Afcourse :- ) I made a new mini game driven Quest called White Jack mad decks. It’s a card game just like Black Jack ^_^. But there is some sort of history around this game in Crypchania. The inventor: Jack White, was a kid when he first came up with the game. After 15 years of holding tournaments, Naomi pop-ups all of a sudden. She and Jack White has some history with each other…
So bring in all your SQUARES and let’s join another Quest across the world of Crypchania, to find the White Jack Masters, which are the tournament winners. If you win enough from them, they will give you a White Jack Batch. Because the tournament is held for 15 years long, there are 15 White Jack Batches to return to jack. So I hope you all have fun with this Quest which is available further away in the game, when you follow the main story.

And now some more techie stuff perhaps- Never mind this time, it all goes well and I’m still figuring out a way to integrate the block chain inside crypchania. Making the SQUARES, real life tokens to pay and play inside the game, and maybe as a paymentgateway for the webstore… merchandise, posters, Walkthrough, which comes way later I guess.
So there is still a lot of work to do, before it is at the level I want it to be… maybe it will take a few years before its final product. But no problem I have the time.

18-5-2019 Update

Hey how is everyone?
I want to have a few announcements to make about the updates. As you all know the game is completed so it works and is playable through windows PC and browsers that have html5 functionality which also works on (mobile / touch devices) from beginning to end.

Unfortunately, players didn’t like the saving system where you need to use a crystal to save at one point or another mostly at inn’s. Thats why we have decided to allow the player to save everywhere at any moment (except when the menu is disabled) with a save crystal. The option is added to the menu and you can save anytime you like from now on.

So I completed the “bikini for Mikey”side- quest finally, amongst a few other side-quests as well. There are 11 bikini’s for you to find until the grand finally where you deliver them all to Mikey at the mountain town. This side quest took a lot of time to program because of the mechanics that are used like: finding the bikini, fighting for the bikini, delivering a statue for a bikini and a switch to sensor the scenes for the youngster. Some of the bikini’s are hidden pretty well, but there is no shame to use the walkthrough.

Also when I added the Save option I noticed that the Lightning on /off was kind of not really smooth for my taste. I will work on it to have it under the options to switch the lighting on or off to make a cleaner menu.

We also added a few skills for the player to learn besides magix. Most of the skills you will find by standing in the middle of a pentastar painted on the ground and on a few stores and side-quests..

Because Crypchania is a pretty big world and there are not a lot of players yet, In the near future I will make some events for players to draw into. One of the events I have worked on is the Halloween event. There is opening a special cave at the Mountain town for player to come and play some mini-games with each other.

That’s it for now there is still much todo.

Good luck and have fun!

11-April-2019 Update

It has been a long time before I wrote anything. However the past few month the team hasn’t sit still.

There is a major update: Finally there is a setup for Windows. You are now able to play Crypcnania through a .exe on a desktop like a normal game would in full screen.

Also the resolution of the game has changed to some modern heights: 1104X624. We chose this size so it doesn’t need to downscale much when played on smart phones, and it does not need to upscale much either for modern flat screens.

Also game-play wise, we have added a lot of lightning resources to the game, so almost every cave / dungeon / castle / house become dark with portions of light and shadow. Meaning you now have to use your flashlight for those dark corners. There is a kill switch which allows you to turn off the lightning when the resources are to heavy to play. Because we want Crypchania accessible for everyone.

Reconnect message, when you the connection is lost for some reason, you get a warning message. Do not panic just restore your connection within 48 hours and you are good to go… Keep in mind that you don’t need to refresh / close your game, your progress from your last save point is lost.




31 Januari 2019 update

The first update off 2019, Almost took a month to got it released.

Where we are right now: The main story is almost completed, but still it takes a few weeks to finish and wrap it up. Besides that, there are some mayor differences going on in the background, I won’t go into detail as it is mostly nodeJS based stuff like multi-threading which is now enabled on the nodeJS server and the blockchain, and some other things no one would notice like a second server which is hosted at a secret location :-).

But the things that players do notice I’m sure want to talk about that:
I’m proud to have a few songs that are added to the game, just by asking artists if I could use the songs in game, they where alright, although some has conditions to play it. That’s taking care off as we speak. One of the conditions where to live-stream it from their website, which is a good thing because it won’t cost me bandwidth, and some links / credits to the artists webpage are shown when the song is played. For now most of these songs are at the dragons pub for a side-quests, where Mia will talk about the updates in small. In the future I will create some more of these pubs so the player can catch some breath after a heavy fight, which takes us to the next major (small) update.

There is now a hud in the upper left corner for player to notice. The hud displays the current health and the max health as well. Because the battle system setup is mixed by turn based battles and click and attack fights when a player reaches a certain level. This integrated because I don’t want to let player loose their time by entering battles with weak enemies compared to their own level of skill. They just click on them, get a few damage depending on the armor the have equipped and destroy the enemy in a instant. This will speed up things when players are backtracking for side-quests or need to get a-cross for the next area.

The lightning could now be turned off and on, which allows me to have more lightning in different area’s to get some more detailed area’s. This is something that is going to be a huge undertaking for me to give every area different lightning sources.
I wouldn’t want to have to much lights before because it is resource heavy which makes the game lag for the mobile and web browser players as the lights are renderred trough the WEB-GL. By turning of the lightning completely those users are not experiencing any lag or power drainage anymore, but they lose some lightning effects from the inside area’s like houses and caves. But when do have the time to play it on a desktop PC be sure to turn on the lights to taste the cool 2D graphics Crypchania has to offer.

Mini-Games, I love mini-games in a big game like Crypchania, could be a simple tetris, pacman or a slot machine. It will let users take some other challenges like the fishing and the simple higher lower games. So I have decided to add a slot machine. There are three modes so you won’t loose all the SQUARES at once hehe… There is also no cheating as when you lose to slot machine your game is saved to the blockchain right after the moment the wheels of the slot machine stops spinning.

When you want to see what I just talked about: check out this 7 minute youtube movie at the bottom, where Mia explains it in small and you could skip the movie to here where June is starting to sing her song.

Happy gaming.





Final battle on the first playthrough

The first playtrough and to this stage all known bugs are squeezed. The story has a beginning, middle, some sideways and an end for now. As I still enjoy putting time in this project, I keep up doing what I do in the next year. Which will be filling the game with more content till this stage of the story  As it seems there is a lot of filling the world up with more side-quests, secrets, and arts and sounds.  Although it seems that the hero of the game, does not have what it takes to defeat the evil one for saving the world #crypchania, but as you maybe know from my Squareders novels (which I still need to complete) I just love happy endings.

I’m not sure if this game is still suited for the #blockchain as was the purpose. the blockchain technologie is not yet ready to accept large amounts of transfers without hiking up the network what you sometimes notice when saving the game data as well as if it is cost efficient enough. But then again, who knows there is still room for blockchain in the game itself or for creating game-servers in the future, but I need help with this one. #Blockchain and the tech behind it is to complicated for just a one men show, that is what happening now. Next year I will be hoping for some donations and advertisers to fund some resourced needed to get a blockchain programmer looking at my code and if still possible (which I try to be possible inside the code of my own) to implement the blockchain, but therefore the blockchain integration is put on hold for that time.

I still have to give that interview to my childhood hero; (Morpheus from the matrix)  Laurence Fishburne. for http://www.informationmatrixtv.com/ who is doing a documentary about the blockchain tech and the future. The Interview will be about my old Squareware company and also on giving my opinion on the blockchain itself, which I look forward for doing so. How can I refuse Morpheus if even Neo couldn’t right?

So I expect that this will be the last update for the year 2018. I hope for everyone to have a good year in 2019. And I keep the updates posted.
And when you are ready, the ending of the game and the soundtrack:


Is it is almost new year. Lets see if We can get some firework inside the game… but for now there are some bugs squeezed like always.

Ready for round three? As I started to create a underwater world with mermaids and fishes and king neptune. This is the last area before you are getting to the end. While I’m expending the side quests from village to village.

I keep you posted.