Life after death

Life after death

Needed to complete: 5 SQUARES, lvl 5 permit.
Reward: Eveey back alive / UNcle back alive / 500 SQUARES

Inside the prison of the north castle, there is to the southeast a ghost. Approach him with at least 5 SQUARES with you. He asked you to sleep and recover. Answer yes, after sleeping the ghost has disappeared and he stole your 5 SQUARes. Now go to the old mansion first floor (SBC: 315644) to find the ghost again. Approach him and a skeleton appears you have to fight it with melee. After a successful battle, the ghost has escaped you. -Go to the Wootang village, the house Yuffie has lived. Approach the ghost some fog and a battle starts, with a big giant spider. After that, the ghost has escaped you again. Now go to the apple castle and the waterfall forest (SBC:316773). There is a boat to the north. Take it and go to a new screen. IN the middle you see the ghost standing at a grave. He says that the tears burn, also gives you 500 SQUARES After the conversation. -If you have defeated Eveey earlier when she got the green disease. Then she is dead, the ghost, however, gives you a wish and you wish, she was alive again. Go back to the boat and move more to the north. There you find eveey standing between two graves (title screen). You will take her to a restaurant and buy her a… bear? Because she is a rich girl, the bear would cost you 495 squares. Which happens, that the ghost, gives to you. If you don’t want to lose your SQUARES then don’t go to Eveey. But then again, she won’t appear later in the game. However, if you let Eveey live earlier but you didn’t find a cure for her, then you wish for a cure, which the ghost gives you a Z-cure. Go back to Eveey’s house where you give her the cure. If you already have cured her, then you wish that her uncle is back to live.

Deserto banditos

Deserto banditos

Southeast to the desert area, in the middle of the desert, lays the Sands Inn. The inn-keeper Sandy wants you to defeat some bandits in the desert area because they keep robbing her.

Make sure that you defeat enough bandits before you get the permit from the desert permit guy.

Desert pit fights class II

Desert pit fights class II

Needed to complete: Harp or flute or ocarina (fishing in Wootang village) and an LVL 15 and 25 permits. Reward: 500 squares
Yuffie came back for revenge and brings the avalanche VII crew with her. You first fight Yuffie her self, after you won, you fight at random: Tifa, Vincent, Cid, and Aeris. When you defeated them Yuffie says she brings out the strongest for last, which happens to be Cloud. If you win from Cloud, you will be brought back to the tent and the pit class I will be swept for the pit class II. However, if you lose two times this tournament, you will lose your class I certificate which happened to be very annoying. You have to start all over again with the fighting class I.

Desert pit fights class III

Desert pit fights class III

Needed to complete: Five Pompadin-flowers. And an LVL 15 and LVL 25 permit.
Reward: 1000 Squares.
When you first want to participate with the class III tournament. The hostess is annoyed because you return. Anyway, she made up some tasks for you to bring her five Pompadin flowers. Maybe you came across them earlier, but you weren’t able to pluck them until now. The exact locations are found in the ITEM chase section later in the walkthrough. As for short: they are found in:

  • The map you walk before the desert pit.
  • Front of the forgotten castle
  • vegetable yard in the Wootang village.
  • The apple castle market.
  • The secret forest (completing the ghost hunt).
  • The bat cave from the most north sidewalk to the east.
  • The oasis, where the naked fairy is and the lava cave.
  • The yard of Eveey’s uncle’s house.
  • The lost forest east side of the market path.

Now go back to the hostess, sign up and start fighting some random characters.


June And Jane

June and Jane


Needed to complete: at least desert pit class I, (optional) Completed raft from forgotten Forrest,
Reward: Lucky ribbon which gives you 50 luck when equipped.
Go to the mountain town, southwest of the town there is a pub that seems to be closed the whole time. Now because you have a ‘pit class I’ you can enter. Before you can go into the VIP part, you need to talk to a guy in the northeast corner with a blue suit. He wants you to kill 40 bats just for the heck of it. Go to the bat cave, Defeat all the bats inside the cave and go back to the pub. If you happen to cross a teddy bear you could take that back to the girl northeast of the Mountain town. Now go back inside the pub and hit the guy again. He gives you some junk and he rolls down the pub. This way the guard thanks you for getting rid of the guy and lets you pass. Hit the basement, there you find a girl named June by the slots at the northeast corner. talk to her to win the jackpot. Because she has a lot of money, she wants you to be her bodyguard. Now walk the whole way through the desert area. Or if you want you can take her to the lighthouse beach. on the west side of the inn between the two beds, there is another girl. Her name is Jane because June is in your party, a conversation will start. And she gives you a lucky ribbon, which is a very nice accessory for doubling the gold after the r battle as well giving the wearer a lot of luck.

PVP – The secret sheep level

PVP – The secret sheep level.

Needed to complete: 300 SQUARES, Wood’n leg of Jhonny, mountain town portal scroll, a second player (which also has the wood’n leg, mountains towns portal).
Reward, token of completing the secret sheep level, A lot of exp from the sheep and some loot.
First, you need the mission of Morgane she gave you the wood’n leg of Jhonny if you open the chest from the small island, then go to the mountain shop where you can buy some mountain town portal scrolls. When you have all of those, go to the smith at the Northern castle. He says it cost 500, say no, then he says it costs you 300, say yes. He makes a hydraulic cube for you, you can ask around some people what to do with the cube, Like the king of apple castle, the librarian and some other folks, but it isn’t necessary. Go to the forgotten woods (where you created the raft) and go to the forgotten castle on the southwest entrance (the fastest way is to go through Wootang village). This is where you need to cooperate to get inside. One player needs to hit the lever, while the other players walk through the door. Inside it’s a mess, you can’t do anything except for you to turn the handle so that the player outside can come in. When you have both the hydraulic cube, one needs to go to the bed, while the other needs to sit on the throne. When done correctly, You are both transported to the secret sheep level. Defeat the sheep, by just attacking/walking to them, when a certain sheep is defeated the king sheep appears for a few seconds, now the player that defeated him isn’t being able to return to the secret sheep level as that he lost the hydraulic cube and got wool in return. You could try entering the sheep level again with the wool in your inventory, You are rejected and your character is turned into a… not going to spoil this one. Later in the game, you need to have this skin for another secret cave (at the white bread farm).


Restaurant Deliveroo

-=-=-Side quest – Restaurant deliveroo:-=-=-


Needed to complete: permit LVL25, raft ready of the forgotten forest see chapter X further.
Reward: lvl5 helmet, firo crystal, few SQUARES and a whooping 1000 SQUARES if you make all the deliveries.
In the North castle restaurant, the one where you could take Eveey to dinner and it’s on the east of the castle magix shop). You need to walk behind the counter. The owner will ask you to help her out a few times. What you must do is to deliver food across the world since you are a package deliverer, you shouldn’t have any problem at all. But whatever you do, don’t use the food that the owner gives to you, or the quest fails and you need to deliver all the food again from the starting point.

  1. Now the first one is very close. You need to take the lunch to a soldier. Walk inside the norther castle, take the east stairs down and walk west the first guard you see has ordered the lunch.
  2. The second delivery is with the apple queen. The maid screwed it over somehow. And now they ordered from the restaurant. Use the code or walk to the appel castle. You can go through the maid to collect some SQUARES, or you can go straight to the queen and get nothing.
  3. The third delivery is with the old couples inside the igloo (cold lands). Talk to the elderly woman and she gives you some SQUARES.
  4. The next delivery will be on the beach. You need to walk there, because of the raft. Talk to Abu and hit the first answer, which is yes.
  5. Then you need to deliver an old grandma’s cake, to a robot, As there are no clues given, the robot only appears when you are in this mission and have the grandma’s cake with you. The robot is located at the fighting pit.
  1. Next, you need to deliver the 2 cheeseburgers to the Wwootang village, blue roof house. You receive a FIRO CRYSTAL.
  2. The next delivery is easy, the girl with the purple hair is a few steps away, bring her the pig blood.
  3. And finally, the last delivery is the Bagel fresh to the tailer of the Mountain town. You receive a helm level 5.

When you are done, go back to the restaurant. The bald guy has a cake because of his birthday, the restaurant owner gives you 1000 SQUARES, as thank you because of the good work you have delivered.

Chasing lights

Chasing lights

Needed to complete: Acces to the dragon mountain.
Reward: 5000 experience, Camera (for photo missions), 1500 SQUARES.
Go to the Neoncity, it is south of the south castle. Here you find a dude that thinks is an artist. He has no time to spot a ufo, because of some seminar. But you could trace the lead. So go to the lighthouse beach. At the end of the fishing spot, you see a large ufo in the water. Now go back to the Neoncity, and talk to the artists. He is a little vague to what to believe but he wants proof and gives you a camera. Go back to beach, but there is no ufo. Now ask around. The restaurant holder is the trigger for this one. She says she saw a ufo taken away by some light. go back to the artist and tell him that the UFO is gone. He is not amused and disappointed. So you give the camera back. When you leave town the artist is gone. Walk to the world map and go to the desert lagoon (between the mountains and the water) where captain Morgane’s ship was earlier. If you haven’t defeated the big kwab then you need to fight it again. If you did already kill it then you are good to go. Ask the artist again and he has some lead to some mountain and gives you once again the camera. Now go to the dragon mountain on the right side you see an alien and a ufo. As soon as the alien noticed you he jumps in the ufo and takes off. This time you take pictures. And you can return to the desert lagoon. Here you show him the pictures but they are all black because of the lens cap was still on. He gives you the camera and then you need to go to the apple castle. Ask the boy by the window on the third floor and he says that there is a disc flying around. So you pushed him away and snaps some photo’s from the window and voila you have completed the mission.
Now when you go back to the lagoon, you notice that the guy is no longer there. This is when you need to go to the northern castle where he will be that he has a ufo picture, the mission is done and you get your reward. This will open up the snapshots side quests.

Chicken run part 2

Chicken run part 2
Reward: 10555 exp. Bonus: get Guido as a summon and open up the Snowvania castle.

Ask Charlie again about the chicken. He says that it was once a princess. Because the reward was so big, you offer to help once again. Go to the apple which house, because she knows about changing people to different things. She tells you she did not turn the chicken but if someone did, al the changing spells are more or less the same. You always need some ‘long lost memory’ from the person who has been changed. As you still have some drops of Apple-curse you go back to Charlie and ask about the princess’s long lost memory. He tells you that he just brought it from a guy named Guido. Go find Guido which is now at the old mansion (south from the north castle). He is there with some chickens trying to sell them to people. You have an argument with him about the fake chicken that isn’t a princess. He tells you where he found the chicken. Also if you have rescued guido earlier from Yoka, he will become available as a summon. Go back to Charlie and tell him the news or go straight to the Castle wall at the snow town (through the ice cave). In the castle wall, there are chickens. Between the broken wooden wall, there is a picture lying on the ground. Take it with you to go back to the south castle and let the chicken see the picture. She jumps up, Charlie asks to give him the apple-cure. The chicken turns into a princess and the two are transported to the Snowvänia ice castle.

Chicken Run part 1

Chicken run part 1
Needed at least 10 levels to spare.
Another player to open the PVP door.
Reward: 20.000 SQUARES

Because it is taking away a few levels your best to do this quest at the end of the game. At the south castle northeast corner, there is A guy named Charlie with a purple suit. He is sad that he had lost his chicken. He couldn’t find it anywhere. Neither did we as through the whole world chickens are starting to pop-up. But after some digging around we found out that the farmer girl at the milky bread farm (later in the game) knows charlie as well. She said that he had sold his soul to the devil. We know that the lost Forrest ruin/castle. There is a devil (you need another player to open the door). Also, be careful because you could lose all your levels as well if you make the wrong choice. It is the devil after all. So make the conversation with the devil and he asks you to sell him your soul so he tells you where the chicken is. if you sell 5 levels to the devil he tells you: ‘Mirror mirror on the wall.’ Nothing more. Now after the argument the Devils tell you to go away. If not he takes all your levels. So better getaway. So we figure out that it has had to do with the mirrors where you can change skin. Going through a random mirror finds the chicken indeed as she walks around at the mirror land. Talk to the chicken and bring her back to Charlie. He will reward you with 20.000 SQUARES.