Isues and fixes

Crypchania is crashing on Windows Desktop.

  • Make sure your hardware is suitable for running the game.
  • Install the latest system updates
  • Use the latest drivers.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the latest game.
  • Disable anti-malware, firewall and antivirus for not interfering. Sometimes their is a false positive on the game.exe because it is packed and compressed.
  • Try on Windows 10 to run the game in windows 7 mode or a different resulotion.
  • Run the game with administrator privileges.

The game is crashing on the (mobile) web browser.

  • Make sure your web browser is suitable for running the game (html5)
  • Install the latest system updates
  • Delete all the data files from the web browser’s cash.

There is an error showing.

  • Errors are very interesting for me as a developer. I would kindly ask you to send me the error with a note about what you did and your game username before the error occurred. You may contact me with the contact form. I can find your save data on the blockchain.

I glitched somehow now I cannot finish the quest.

  • If it is the main quest hopefully you didn’t save after you figured out that you have glitched around some events. Please provide your game account name and the quest you were doing so I can take a look. You may contact me with the contact form.

The character doesn’t interact with an event the way it should.

  • Make sure the event is necessary at the moment. If you are certain, please provide your game account name and information about what event and on what map this occurred so I will take a look.¬†You may contact me with the contact form.

I have a disconnection message.

  • Whoops, that sometimes happens. This may be because the servers are down (sorry for that) and sometimes it is a connection issue on your side. Try to reconnect to the internet again or wait a few minutes. When the connection is restored you are able to play from where you have left off. Make sure not to refresh or close the game before you saved to the blockchain so hopefully, you won’t lose any progress.

The game starts at the beginning.

Sometimes the blockchain is processing a new block, this means that the data is stuck between blocks and the game can’t catch your saved game. Please refresh the game as fast as possible using F5, or on a mobile device by refreshing the browser. When ready, login again.

I have an issue using a joypad or a controller.

  • Make sure that you are using the latest driver.
  • Check the manual to see how to hook up the controller.
  • In the options menu, you find the controller configuration only when the Crypchania game recognizes a compatible controller.
  • At the FAQ page you find some links to third party software for hooking up a PS3/PS3 controller, nintendo pro controller and Xbox controller to your PC.

Other issues that are not mentioned here.

IF you have any other issues regarding; the Crypchania game, partner program, payments, this website or anything else please feel free to contact me.