A Coin for tommorow

-=-=-=-=-= A Coin for tommorow -=-=-=-=-

Needed: Which club pass.
Reward: Neckless of faith and 15.000 exp.

Go to the past apple kingdom. As you go through the portal from the magical woods you are traveled back in time. Go to the whiches house. As it seems it is cleaned and there is a young girl named Tovah. Who lives there. If you have a which members club pass, you should talk to the girl. You have a conversation and she also opens the basement door for you. If you want, you can buy some magix.
She also mentioned that she needs an item called grandma’s coin. If you ask some times, She will mention that the coin is on the bottom of the ocean. Now that you have a small hint. You need to go to the Castle of Neptune. Outside on the northeast corner (behind the castle), you see something twinkling. Now you can go back to the past whiches house to only notice that Tovah is no longer there. Or you can go straight to the whiches house, smash the box and check the basement for a skeleton, who only says ‘Help me’ Now that you have the grandmother’s coin, talk the skeleton again that responds differently. Give back the coin and you’re done.

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