Gina Gelly Bekini

—————-Side Quest: Gina gelly Bikini———-

Needed: Ariels Neckless and Whiches club card.
Reward: Bikini for Mikey and 7000 exp.
In Oceania, there is a house near the passage. Enter it and you see a curtain hanging down. If you have equipped the neckless then you can select the curtain and a topless Yelly fish pop’s out. A conversation happens and she wants to give you her bikini, but she wants an angel statue that looks at the water in return. Now go to the mountain town’s magix shop (southeast). And enter it when you have a Which member club card. Select the statue, and the shop keeper has a conversation about it. And she will transport it right after you are outside.
Now you can return to Oceania and there you see the statue standing in front of the house. Enter the house and talk to Gina she will give you her Bikini and after you leave you to receive the experience.

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