June And Jane

June and Jane


Needed to complete: at least desert pit class I, (optional) Completed raft from forgotten Forrest,
Reward: Lucky ribbon which gives you 50 luck when equipped.
Go to the mountain town, southwest of the town there is a pub that seems to be closed the whole time. Now because you have a ‘pit class I’ you can enter. Before you can go into the VIP part, you need to talk to a guy in the northeast corner with a blue suit. He wants you to kill 40 bats just for the heck of it. Go to the bat cave, Defeat all the bats inside the cave and go back to the pub. If you happen to cross a teddy bear you could take that back to the girl northeast of the Mountain town. Now go back inside the pub and hit the guy again. He gives you some junk and he rolls down the pub. This way the guard thanks you for getting rid of the guy and lets you pass. Hit the basement, there you find a girl named June by the slots at the northeast corner. talk to her to win the jackpot. Because she has a lot of money, she wants you to be her bodyguard. Now walk the whole way through the desert area. Or if you want you can take her to the lighthouse beach. on the west side of the inn between the two beds, there is another girl. Her name is Jane because June is in your party, a conversation will start. And she gives you a lucky ribbon, which is a very nice accessory for doubling the gold after the r battle as well giving the wearer a lot of luck.