PVP – The secret sheep level

PVP – The secret sheep level.

Needed to complete: 300 SQUARES, Wood’n leg of Jhonny, mountain town portal scroll, a second player (which also has the wood’n leg, mountains towns portal).
Reward, token of completing the secret sheep level, A lot of exp from the sheep and some loot.
First, you need the mission of Morgane she gave you the wood’n leg of Jhonny if you open the chest from the small island, then go to the mountain shop where you can buy some mountain town portal scrolls. When you have all of those, go to the smith at the Northern castle. He says it cost 500, say no, then he says it costs you 300, say yes. He makes a hydraulic cube for you, you can ask around some people what to do with the cube, Like the king of apple castle, the librarian and some other folks, but it isn’t necessary. Go to the forgotten woods (where you created the raft) and go to the forgotten castle on the southwest entrance (the fastest way is to go through Wootang village). This is where you need to cooperate to get inside. One player needs to hit the lever, while the other players walk through the door. Inside it’s a mess, you can’t do anything except for you to turn the handle so that the player outside can come in. When you have both the hydraulic cube, one needs to go to the bed, while the other needs to sit on the throne. When done correctly, You are both transported to the secret sheep level. Defeat the sheep, by just attacking/walking to them, when a certain sheep is defeated the king sheep appears for a few seconds, now the player that defeated him isn’t being able to return to the secret sheep level as that he lost the hydraulic cube and got wool in return. You could try entering the sheep level again with the wool in your inventory, You are rejected and your character is turned into a… not going to spoil this one. Later in the game, you need to have this skin for another secret cave (at the white bread farm).