Restaurant Deliveroo

-=-=-Side quest – Restaurant deliveroo:-=-=-


Needed to complete: permit LVL25, raft ready of the forgotten forest see chapter X further.
Reward: lvl5 helmet, firo crystal, few SQUARES and a whooping 1000 SQUARES if you make all the deliveries.
In the North castle restaurant, the one where you could take Eveey to dinner and it’s on the east of the castle magix shop). You need to walk behind the counter. The owner will ask you to help her out a few times. What you must do is to deliver food across the world since you are a package deliverer, you shouldn’t have any problem at all. But whatever you do, don’t use the food that the owner gives to you, or the quest fails and you need to deliver all the food again from the starting point.

  1. Now the first one is very close. You need to take the lunch to a soldier. Walk inside the norther castle, take the east stairs down and walk west the first guard you see has ordered the lunch.
  2. The second delivery is with the apple queen. The maid screwed it over somehow. And now they ordered from the restaurant. Use the code or walk to the appel castle. You can go through the maid to collect some SQUARES, or you can go straight to the queen and get nothing.
  3. The third delivery is with the old couples inside the igloo (cold lands). Talk to the elderly woman and she gives you some SQUARES.
  4. The next delivery will be on the beach. You need to walk there, because of the raft. Talk to Abu and hit the first answer, which is yes.
  5. Then you need to deliver an old grandma’s cake, to a robot, As there are no clues given, the robot only appears when you are in this mission and have the grandma’s cake with you. The robot is located at the fighting pit.
  1. Next, you need to deliver the 2 cheeseburgers to the Wwootang village, blue roof house. You receive a FIRO CRYSTAL.
  2. The next delivery is easy, the girl with the purple hair is a few steps away, bring her the pig blood.
  3. And finally, the last delivery is the Bagel fresh to the tailer of the Mountain town. You receive a helm level 5.

When you are done, go back to the restaurant. The bald guy has a cake because of his birthday, the restaurant owner gives you 1000 SQUARES, as thank you because of the good work you have delivered.