White jacks bad decks

Side Quest: White jacks bad decks

Reward: Lucky striker sword and 10.000 exp.
Needed: Turned on adult content.
There is a guy at one of the houses at the slumbs He will ask you to play White jack with him. Hit yes, play with him and make sure you have won more gold then you have started. Then he tells you that you are good and wants to challenge you to get better. He tells you that there are 15 Master White Jack players over Crypchania. You need to find them and win the batches back for Jack so he can end this obsession with the WhiteJack game. After you found 14 of them, you need to collect the last one from Naomi. Ask the card dealer at the dragons pub, he will tell you that Naomie has gone to the cave (which is at the northeast of the Slumbs). The cave is pretty big and you need a fire cape to be protected against the heat. Naomi and Jack have some history as they where childhood friends. When you have defeated Naomi, return to jack with al the 15 white jack batches. He will give you a Lucky striker sword. You mentioned to him that you played with Naomi and that you have won from her. Jack says that’s impossible because she has that much luck she always wins. Then Naomi pop-ups…Telling Jack that she has lost. Jack wants to start apologizing for the stuff he did back when hey were a kid. It seems Naomi didn’t bother it because she made a decent buck with all the card plays. They mentioned a promise they made as a kid. So she walks away leaving Jack at the Slumbs. You mentioned to Jack that most of the time people fall in love from this kind of quest. Which got Jack thinking about another card game… And he chases after Naomi.
If you want to know what they promise each other, go to the old mansion on the second floor. If you didn’t have already there is also an Asiana person to return home.

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