18-5-2019 Update

Hey how is everyone?
I want to have a few announcements to make about the updates. As you all know the game is completed so it works and is playable through windows PC and browsers that have html5 functionality which also works on (mobile / touch devices) from beginning to end.

Unfortunately, players didn’t like the saving system where you need to use a crystal to save at one point or another mostly at inn’s. Thats why we have decided to allow the player to save everywhere at any moment (except when the menu is disabled) with a save crystal. The option is added to the menu and you can save anytime you like from now on.

So I completed the “bikini for Mikey”side- quest finally, amongst a few other side-quests as well. There are 11 bikini’s for you to find until the grand finally where you deliver them all to Mikey at the mountain town. This side quest took a lot of time to program because of the mechanics that are used like: finding the bikini, fighting for the bikini, delivering a statue for a bikini and a switch to sensor the scenes for the youngster. Some of the bikini’s are hidden pretty well, but there is no shame to use the walkthrough.

Also when I added the Save option I noticed that the Lightning on /off was kind of not really smooth for my taste. I will work on it to have it under the options to switch the lighting on or off to make a cleaner menu.

We also added a few skills for the player to learn besides magix. Most of the skills you will find by standing in the middle of a pentastar painted on the ground and on a few stores and side-quests..

Because Crypchania is a pretty big world and there are not a lot of players yet, In the near future I will make some events for players to draw into. One of the events I have worked on is the Halloween event. There is opening a special cave at the Mountain town for player to come and play some mini-games with each other.

That’s it for now there is still much todo.

Good luck and have fun!