Update 4-3-2020

After the official launch weekend which took a giant leap in the free orders, with a total order of over 8000, I think it is safe to say it was a huge (marketing) success. to spread the word about crypchania.

Also as Promised there is a new update that released as for today called the yellow release. This release is called so because the MD5 checksum is converted with an algorithm to a color palet and in this case, it was plain yellow. So to be sure to have the latest release the screen turns yellow for a few seconds before the game starts.

User Xenofire had a bug containing a BSOD on his windows desktop when hitting the installer. As it turns out his antivirus caused a false-positive on the game.exe. No worries, it is because the game.exe is packeged to protect more or less the source code. By protecting the source-code we hope to leave the cheaters at home. If you want to cheat, use the scotties-beam from the menu, it is a fun way to get more out of the game, without the need for grinding for hours.
If you have any trouble running this game, please read the faq and the troubleshooting page. Everything seems fine now and I wish Xenofire the best of luck on his quests to explore The world of Crypchania.

The beta release of the Android app is released soon on this website. This is an installer apk for the user to play the game on android phones and tablets. This version contains slightly fewer action sequences in battles and the images that are loaded are smaller in size than the images for the desktop and web browser.  The android version also contains a warning about date bandwidth and data usage when using 3G/4G/5G UMTS or whatever data bundle users have. To be safe it is best to use the wifi instead and always make sure you know the data limits.

A small update to the game is that there are equipment sets integrated. This allows the user to have certain skills. The one that I like the most is the assassins set. This allows the wearer to sneak up behind certain enemies and inject some poison to vaporate the monsters, giving the player a few exp to level up.