Walkthrough – All free skills locations

—————-All skill locations———-

The bat cave somewhere in the middle
Mountain town Cave
The salty cave (after the sliding puzzles)
The secret woods (hidden area by the river)
The spider cave – dragon area
Cave to Yoka’s castle
Futured Neon City – Research Center
The magixal forest, north east of the old which house.
Northern Fire Cave in the middle

Walkthrough – All summon locations

——–All summons locations—–

Eveey –
Make sure that she is alive. Defeat her at the desert pit fight and take her to diner.
At the dragon castle house you need to follow the soup for two quest. After the hot soup for two quest, Return to her she will become a sommon.

After you hve met her at the salty cave she left a note at the entrance. When you talk to her at the mountain town she become available as a summon.

Mountain café make sure he is gone. And make sure that you rescue him from the nurse / agent_X and yoka at the hidden cave at the lost forest. Then follow the Chicken princes side quest he is at the old mansion.

Do the bat quest for guido so he will leave. Now talk to the bouncer. He will be available as a bouncer.

Mikay and Mikey-
Both are separated summons but you get them at once. Follow the Bikini for mikey till the end.
After you defeat them in battle they will be available for summon.

comes Available if you follow the side quest juna and jane. Make sure you take june to the beach.

At the the in to the north of the slumbs. Just talk to him.

David (dragon king)-
He will join when you return the little pet dragon to him.

After you have defeated the Ice fairy, return to the cold-lands and talk to snow at the inn (1st floor).

After returning her fathers compass or if you are defeated by Yoka (last battle).

At the spider cav after the kidnap performer missione. Walk her to the Ice-cave temple.

Alien captain-
At future of neon-city at the research center is a hidden roomwhen you walk south under the conveing belt. Fight the alien boss if you defeated him, check the hotel with the room and the altar. Talk to him and he will join you.

Apple knight-
He’s at the mountain café, when the carpenter fixed the bridge to the north castle.

(deze nog maken)

Sheep god-
At the hidden sheep cave.

Walkthrough – All bikini locations

—————-All 12 bikini locations———-

Mountain town clothes shop north east dressing room.
Old Mansion (Bear inn area) on he 2nd floor west of the fireplace.
Apple castle (1F north-west room).
Apple Market, north one of the tents.
Fighting her in the desert fighting pit. Receive the bikini with the trophy!
Water forest (west of the Lighthouse beach), only when you have a Mountain town portal with you.
Neon city – hotel building 2nd floor, Grab it from the clothes she throw, no need for a fight.
Neon – city inside the rainbow churche (northe east curtens).
Oceania – Gelly Gina (see the side Quest Gina gelly Bikini)
At the Dragon pub backstage after you got hit walk on stage, someone throws you a bikini.
Slum city – The tent at the station, you need to have opened the facilitie door for her to appear.
Hidden facility. On the 2nd floor. There is a bathroom covered in shadow, no need to fight.

Walkhrough – Pompadin flowers

Find all the pompadin flowers at the;

The map you walk before the desert pit.
The Front of the forgotten castle
The vegitble yard in the wootang village.
The apple castle market.
The secret forest (completing the ghost hunt).
The bat cave from the most north side walk to the east.
The oasis, where the naked fairy is and the lavecave.
The yard of eveey’s / uncles house.
The lost forrest east side of the market path.
The sea cost, north when you complete the raft in the forgotten forest.

Walktrough – All asiana villagers

Find all the asiaa villagers;

At the old mansion (after receiving the old tablet from the beach ball kids).
At the the ice temple, through the icecave.
At the market
At Snowvänia, near the INN.
At the tailer shop at mountain town.
At the north castle outside on the east side of the castle.
At the lighthouse beach.
At the apple castle 3th floor east side at the table.
At the desert fighting pit
At the water forest near the house.
At the forgotten forest (hard to find in the small path in the middle of the map.)
At the forgotten forest outside the ruin near the water.
At the south castle south west by the toilets?
At Neon city by the truck on the north west side of town.
At the dragon mountain near south west.
At the spider cave (dragon area)
At the dragon mountain pub on the west side at the bar.
At the slumbs house.
At the slumbs near the train wagon.