Part 1.5

North of the map you will see a path to the mountains. Eveey asked you to be sure to go this way, hit yes. Enter the church area and go through the hole of the opened grave. Avoid getting hit by the cannonballs till you hit the blue switch to open the cchurchdoor. Make your way back. When you are hit by the cannonballs you are transported to the level below. Here is a simple pvp challenge if you have a friend or other player with you.

Both players need to hit the switches at the same time and run to the west to cross the bridge.. When you have crossed it, there is a chest which gives you a random item: 200 SQUARES, a sword or an armor.

When you make it back outside the church you notice that the door is open. Go inside and whatch some green men sing a song. The green men are called yoka’s which will come back later in the game. Go to the north east and hit the angel statue, on the north south the statue moves created a hole in the ground. Walk to the west and hit the altar (book), you learn some magix spells. Now go to the hole and again don’t let Eveey explain the battle it is not nesccesry. Now fight your first enemy a weak dragon. No big deal cast some magix on it and he’s gone. No go to the swirl to transport outside the church or save before you go.

To the north east there is the house of Eveey’s uncle. Go inside the yard and talk to the uncle and read the converstation. Walk to the east and hit the trunk of the lambogini for a master rod, one of the two wooden crates to get a lockpick and get all the flowers from the front of the house (that comes in handy later in the game).
When ready, go outside the yard back to the world map and in the north there is a gate to the cave that is locked and more to the west there is a museum. But you can skip the museum and just use the lockpick for the gate to the lavacave.

To the north east corner there is the museum with some paintings and a weapons room. In the museum walk to the east. There is a room with statue’s. And a note on the floor. You need to break down the last angel for a code. Now go to the weapons room on the south west corner. A converstation starts, and you can pick-up the two hammers. Now go back to the angel room and hit the angel for a note. With this code you can enter the gate to the lava cave which is outside to the east.
The room on the west side of the room with the angel statue is a chest. Good for 10 Squares and some potions.
On the north-east side there is a room with just a Chest. You can’t bruteforce it (tried), and it’s a random number. What you need to do is to look at all 9 paintings and adding up the numbers (use a calculator). Then go to the chest insert the answer and open it up to get 500 squares. now go back outside.

ulock the gate with the code you have from the statue or the lock-pick from Eveey’s stash box. Enter the lava cave through the gate. There is a chest left for you by one of the sponsors (small advertisement). Walk to the iron fences. Eveey will leave your party and leaves you 50 potions, 50 medicen, 50 anti-ko’s. But first she asks you a question about Adult content. Say yes if you are older then 18 or No if you are not, you can always change your choise through the options menu. You will need the potions as it as a low level character and because the floor will hurt you. So be sure to use them before you hit a fire spider, but for now try to avoid the spiders, they are pretty strong. Be carefull of the shooting flame, there is passage to the south for a chest with five anti-ko’s. More to the north you will see a plant that will get you out to the desert oasis. There is a dog -Rover- standing next to the entrance. You can talk to him to join your party, or not that is up to you, but he will be a good help with the upcoming battles. To the north east is a tent for a savepoint. Defeat some scorpions at least till you are level 5. when you Move to the west to exit the oasis and into the world map, which is pretty huge but also small because it is devided by gates.

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