Part 5

Chapter V – South castle.

As you have your permit level 25 go through the gate at the desert region to head more south. Walk past the castle and hit the gate (which is locked). Go inside the castle and walk in the church. Now ask the guardian and he tells you no one will pass. Go outside and hit the barrel to alarm the guard and let him go outside. This scene is automatic, there is nothing you have to do. Inside you notice the treasure room of the church is empty. Walk to it and you notice that Morgane is there. She is happy to see you again and gives you the key and joins your party for a small walk. Now go outside the castle, Morgane takes off again and you can go through the gate to the south. Stroll to the forest and enter the station. As you notice the station is closed by laser beams. Ask the hill-billy-girl outside and she says something about a permit. Now go back through the woods and to the north there is Neoncity. A scene appears where a brother and a sister have an argument. You ask about the train station and they don’t seem to help you. As an older guy named Hershell walks by he is going to the south castle to discuss why they are letting people through. Before you follow him back to the south castle, go northeast there is a guy named Stan in red that has a sidequest for you. Ask him before you go, for the ufo chasing side quest which lays on your path and come in handy when you have the camera. Also, there is a store to stock up on potions. But as it seems you can’t enter it right away. Go to the building east and enter it. On the west side, there is a hole in the wall. You can enter it and you are in a ventilation shaft. Follow the path and you are in the store. The store owner walks there. Talk to him (or not) at the front of the store there is a wooden crate. Hit it and receive some random items. The store owner is now behind the counter and you can walk through the front door in and out as you please.

Now go to the south castle and ask around, as it turns out there is an alien hanging on a rope. Hershell thinks it’s sad. Ask around some people and cap’n Morgane. As it appears she steals your package and some scrolls without you noticing it (check your inventory). When you hit all the people go speak to Hershell again who is now standing with the crowd to let the king appear. He speaks to the people, about the strange things that went on lately. Then the queen of the north shows up to stand by his side. After this, you got kidnapped by Agent X Because he is after the package. When you wake up you are in a cell. Listen to the conversation until it ends. Take the pickaxe and remove the planks from the ground to escape through the hole. You are in the water tunnels beneath the well. Move northeast to get the key to the water forest house. then use the rope to climb up and exit through the well. Go to the small house and open the door to open the treasure (Which caved some random stuff.) Now go outside and move to the east. Before you can go to the world map, Morgane bounced at you. She gives all your stuff back, but you are rather mad on her. With the boat go to the lighthouse beach if you have activated the ufo chasing side quest. Now go back to the water house and walk up to the north there is a bush with roses. Select it and burn it for a Bikini Battle. Or not return to Neoncity. Talk to Stan the photo guy to let him know about the ufo you saw. Walk northeast of the city to talk to Hershell. He tells you some stuff about an upcoming war with the star children.

Now go inside the church of Neon city and a scene happens where you see Yoka stealing a book, which sets the alarm off. After the conversation, Yoka is gone. And finally, the sister and her brothers know where they are coming from and where they want to go. So they need the research centrum to be opened again. Go to the research centrum and ask the girl at the reception. Walk around some time and she calls you when the permit level 35 is ready. But You only get it if you are actually level 35 of course. So make sure to do some quests and some battles, the secret forest is your best bet if you are level 30 and want to quickly level up to 35. Also, the next side quest will help you to level up very fast. With the Camera, you can select a lot of stuff around the world which gives you small portions of exp. Be sure to stock up on a lot of batteries before you do.

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