Part 6

Chapter VI Dragon castle

When you have reached lvl35 make sure to have the permitted corresponding. With it walk to the east from the castle to the train station. Buy a ticket at the machine for 50 SQuares and ask the conductor to take the train. Once you are at the dragon castle go straight into the castle, a scene appears with some guy and a dragon. Both of you run away to the village that is attached to the castle. Now another conversation appear and the guy flees away and you need to return to the king to talk to him about the package. Another conversation appears and it seems the guy making a scene is the owner of the package. You walk outside and another scene appears with Yoka threatening the king and destroying his dragon Xeena to goo. The king takes off to find Yoka apparently.

You, on the other hand, must search for the guy who now wants sanctuary by the church. Nobodies there so it seems. Before you start a conversation with him.
Talk to the guy at the church. He hits your light out and it seems that Yoka kidnapped you and the other guy to his castle. Hit the little light on the right for a scene. After the conversation hit the left light for another scene as it turns out, Morgane is also a prisoner. Now go back to the right light and ask about the materials needed. Now go back to the left side, and explain it to Morgane, As it turns out you just have to wait, you can still talk to the both of them, for some random conversations. After a few seconds, you are being called by the dragon king who found you in search of Yoka. Walk to the south to talk to him. A conversation starts and Morgane appears, she had a lockpick all the time and freed herself. She frees you and walks to the east to release Brandon (the guy where the package belongs to. Then the king (David) uses a teleport crystal to teleport everyone back to the throne room of dragon castle for another conversation on what to do next. You have decided to go the Yoka’s castle, but the only way to get there is by under the sea. You need a dragon tear that is hidden by the king on the dragon-mountain. The rest of the party stays at the king.

Now go outside the throne room and walk to the west, you notice that the train has stopped because a builder in that lays on the tracks. Go to the north to go outside the castle as the gates are now open. The first you came across is the Dragon-inn. Make sure to have a conversation with the inn-keeper which looks like a fox. When you ask her why she is a fox, hit her again and you see that the items she sells are different. Buy some Dragon castle scrolls and the cruel sword/shield is nice to have. Walk to the northeast and you will see a windmill. The windmill is the milky bread farm and they have also a dragon problem. Go to the guy on the east by the fence. He tells you that there is something going on on dragon mountain and you need to investigate. After that, you can go to the dragon mountain (or talk some more for some more quests.) From the windmill go north through the forest area and you see a dragon statue at the mountain. On the right side where you can enter it. Go north and save if you like, then go east, up and back west again. Head up until you see some sort of bridge before the lavafall. From there go to the east again and you see two stairs, climb the one up and then the other down. Go to the north and you see an area made out of stone and chains on the wall. Walk to it and you see a red book on a small island. You need to climb dragon mountain some more till you see a builder on the edge. You can push it so the builder falls into the lave. now walk back and jump the little stones to get by the book. The book tells you that dragons are friendly and only stressed when a mother does not return to their eggs. So it seems that Dragon Xeena was destroyed by Yoka… As hard as it seems you need to destroy the eggs at the northeast side of the mountain. Here is another builder that needs to be pushed into the lava to get a passage to a cave where the dragon tear lays. When you destroy the big green egg, surprise the big daddy dragon comes to scare you off. Fight it! If you win you go further with destroying the egg. As you notice there is a little dragon inside that fleed away. (see the pet dragon sidequest). When the egg is destroyed, the farmer’s problem is done. Don’t forget to walk back down and enter the cave for the dragon tear. Then go back to the windmill, to let them know about the dragons. You get 10 Milkybreads and some experience. Now go back to the Dragon castle. The king is waiting on the north side of the throne room. Talk to him and he will open up the gate to the underwater world.


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