Part 7

Chapter VII Oceanië

Be very careful here because there is a countdown. So hit the bubbles before the timer hits Zero. There is a mermaid swimming behind you. He brings you to the surface if you are out of air If you let the timer hit zero, you are transported back to the castle and you are losing a lot of experience. When you first enter the underwater world, go to the southwest to enter Oceania. This is a mermaid village deep under the sea. You can’t talk just yet because you are underwater… Go to the northeast side where you can enter a castle. Here are some puzzles and cannonballs you need to dodge, which aren’t that difficult. If you don’t have enough time to dodge the cannonballs just let them hit you, but be careful not to drop your HP beneath 1.

When you entered the throne room of King Neptune, he says that he is all out of necklaces and you need to find the moonstone to create one. Because all the moonstones are used it will hard to find one. But if you have a walkthrough there is no problem of course. Go to Neo city – the Rainbow church. If you notice there is a table with a crystal ball placed. Hit it and you are in the future. Now go to the research center. Here you notice that the 1st and second floor is no longer occupied by star people. But there is a basement build for you to check out. As you drop down one level there is a large hangar with a space shuttle and a star child tells you they are leaving soon. He gives you a floppy disk with test results to bring back tot he passed and a keycard to enter the second basement levels. And also a code fort he safe. You need to write this one down because this is a random number. Now take the elevator again and you can go through the laser fence. Go down the stairs and be very careful here are some weird monsters. At the end of the hallway, there is a save. You need to enter the passcode. and you find a mermaid necklace. A neckless that allows you to breathe underwater (like all mermaids need to breathe underwater). Because the path that leads you to Yoka’s castle, it is too long for you to walk, so you suffocate before you are at the end. This is why you also need the neckless. There is also a box on the wall. You can push against it so there is a switch displayed. Hit the switch if you want. Now walk back and there is a stair (if you did find the switch)
The stairs lead you through another part of the basement into a small room. There is some kind of statue, but if you read it you notice that it’s the grave of Hershel. You take a picture of it if you have the camera. If now you can return to here later if you want. Now go back to the rainbow church, and hit the table with the crystal ball again to go back to the passed. If you want, you can go inside the research facilities again and show the guy the floppy from the future and show Hershel the picture of his grave. Both give you about 5000 experience.

Now with the moonstone go back tot he Oceania and tot he throne room. Neptune will create a neckless for you called Ariel’s neckless. As the neckless power was worn out after his daughter was going to the surface to marry a prince. To get the necklace you need just one level up. The fastest way is to fight some dragons at dragon mountain.

As soon as possible you should equip the neckless and you are free to walk and talk to the mermaids for some quests and conversations. If you are ready you can go to the south of the Oceania village and you can walk to the east. Notice there is another ship sank there which could bet he same ship you have bombed with the canons (with the Morgane mission). In the end there is another portal which leads you to a small cave. Here you need the level 45 permit to continue. If you don’t have one, return tot he dragon kingdom and retrieve the permit from the permit guy.

High on Shells

Salty soup for two

Concert for none

Cold Nappers

Cold Grandma

Compass for a lady

Gina Gelly Bikini

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