Part 9

Chapter IX The last chapter.
After the train, you arrive at the slumbs station. The slumbs seems to be a poor market city where everyone lost their jobs. Most of them worked at the facilities near the forest. As you walk through town make sure to buy some cheap save crystals, potions, anti-Ko, magix water, and the best weapons, armor, accessories you come across. Then head into the magical woods. Leave the town on the north side. If you are on the world map you see a satellite at the mountains north-east. Walk towards it to enter the forest. Here are some strong monsters, if you can defeat them with easy you are ready for the final battle, if not try to level up some more.
No walk to the north you see a portal. Enter it and you are zapped to another location of the Forrest. Walk to the south to see another portal by the water. Notice the red portal on the west side, this will get you to the sidequest ‘Apple from yesterday’. If you want you can follow it, if not enter the portal and you are zapped again to a different area. Now you need to walk through the north, you walk through a portal that does not work. After you have passed the portal, walk back and you are zapped again. Now walk North and you notice a stone path that will lead to the facility center.
Before you can enter the facilities you need the find a hidden switch on the short pillar on the west side. This will also let you use a save point if you want to.

This is one of the last buildings you come across before you complete crypchania. When you are in the lobby, walk towards the stairs. Here is a small scene with Agent X and a lady doctor who just got killed in an instant. The elevator is not a smart move because you get noticed right away. First, walk all the way north to the restroom, you see a ventilation hatch on the floor. Hit it and you enter the shaft. Walk east, north and west to get to the 1st floor. Here you can get the key pass LVL2. Now head back the way you come and in the lobby, on the southeast, there are the stairs. In front of the stairs is the pass to level 1 you can’t miss it. Enter the stairs and go to level 1 to find a chest with a: Cruel Sword in it. Now get to the level 2 floor to get the roof key from the desk. At the stairs, you see the card for LVL 3. Go to level 5 which is open and you don’t need a key card for it. Get inside the first hole you see in the ground (the one that is the closest to the stairs.) Enter it and you are stuck at a cabinet. Hit the safe and it falls down on the guard revealing another keycard for the basement. Go back to level 5 and enter the second hole. Here you are at a room full of alien capsules. You need to make your way across. If you got the wrong way you get hurt, but it is random so I can’t help you. So make sure you heal enough so you don’t get thrown all the way back to the inn, make your way to the hole at the end of the room. To get you at level 3. From here walk to the west and you notice some classrooms. The classroom that contains a telephone and hit the telephone so the guard moves away. Now you can sneak up behind her and hit her on the head (or not) is up to you. Now east is another guard sneak up from behind and hit the guard on the back so you can get to the LVL 4 key pass that lies on the table. Walk all the way down to the basement. Here you need to find some ropes and some supplies. Now go all the way up to the roof. Here you see some poles at the ground. Touch the pole that is aligned with the broken window and hit yes to drop the rope. Now you can use the rope to climb down to level five. If you have all the key’s all the laser fences are down. If not, find the missing keys to proceed further into the last room. Here awaits Agent X. When you enter the room a conversation starts and a battle. If you lose this battle you are thrown out of the window and wake you up on the porch of the facilities. You can try again to defeat him. If you have defeat Agent X, The brother of Yoka and his children walks up to you. A conversation starts with you Yoka an Agent X. Out of the blue, you jump on Agent X and The Yoka’s are doing an attack that will throw you in the Blockstream.
Here you need to watch out for the circled particles as they throw you back. The squared ones are fine to touch and to use for some small puzzles. On the Blockstream, walk to the east and watch out for the particles. As you walk you encounter Eveey to the west. Talk to her, as she can’t hear you. You are sucked into a portal and are again at the Blockstream. Here you need to move all the way to the end. Be patient when the particles are floating by. And also read the credits along the way. After that, you are in an area with a fountain. Touch the fountain and you are teleported to a white room, where the creator of the game awaits you. He thanks you for playing and have a few stats about your battle history. Now you come for a choice. I suggest you choose the Side Questing first as you are allowed to return later to this room by a portal located at the mirror lands.
The side questing will throw you back at the facilities where you just defeated Agent-X. There are four different endings, but it is just visual.

  1. You are a girl and Eveey is alive The dragon king comes.
  2. You are a girl and Eveey is dead Brandon comes.
  3. You are a boy and Eveey is alive Eveey comes.
  4. You are a boy and Eveey is dead Morgane comes.

After the scene, you are thrown to the first portal you encountered in the forest. From here you can do sidequests that you have missed. When you think you have all the stuff done, go to the Mirror lands by going through a mirror at an inn. Here you find a new portal that sends you to the white room.
Again talk to Martin And choose for the Game+ You are thrown to the forest for another cutscene to see what has happened before you wake up in the tent and the whole story begins anew.

Available Side Quests:
An apple from Yesterday
A coin for tomorrow
white jacks bad decks
Trumby meds
Returning Asiana villagers
Return of the tortoise
Lighthouse curse

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